Oh No you Didn't

Oh No you Didn't

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Oh No you Didn't
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Oh No you Didn't Overview


Oh No you Didn't is a Total Drama Island game! It's more than that, it is one of the very few gossip games online! How does that work? Well, in gaming, everything is possible. These characters from Cartoon Network gossip a lot, and you join them in the fun too, so let's explain!

Play Oh No you Didn't and gossip with the Total Drama cast!

Characters from the cast will come to the side show where they talk about one another. They will give you clues. This character does not like this other character. Maybe they called someone a nasty name. You also are reminded of things they've done in the show. If you watch it, it will be simple!

From the clues you get you need to pick which character you think it is. Click on the image of that one. If you're not right, they will come up and tell you more clues, until you get it. You get points, but you get the most points the fewer mistakes you make.

If you figure out the subject of the gossip fast, you will earn more points. True fans of Total Drama Games have this covered! Are you one? Play and find out! 

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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