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Wheel O Secret
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Wheel O Secret Overview


A very fun and very interesting new online Total Drama game for kids is appearing today right here on our website, in which you dear kids can show all of your friends that this is one of your favorite shows on TV and that you know all the characters by heart.

This is going to be a very fun ability challenge, in which you have to use the SPACE bar to control the actions of the game. You will see that all the characters of the Total Drama Show on Cartoon Network are going to be present in this new challenge, but you have to be very focused in order to spot them out because that is going to be your actual mission.

You can see that there are going to be three different rows that are going to go on and on until you stop each of them by pressing the space bar. You can see that the Total Drama characters will be just shapes or black shadows that can be distinguished by a true fan of the show. You will have to use the space bar and stop all the rows at the exact time needed for the shadows to be aligned properly.

It's not going to be easy, because dear kids you can see that you will have to make sure that in the shortest time, you can align the needed shapes. You will have on top row the head of the Total Drama characters, on the middle row you have the body and arms, and on the bottom row, the feet that you will have to perfectly align for each character in order to win the contest.

Once you aligned all the shadows perfectly, you will be rewarded with points, and you can see how the Total Drama characters will continue to return here on our website with many other fun ability games for kids that you can play with all of your friends. Have fun!


How to play?

Use the SPACE bar to play.

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