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Duck Life Battle

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Duck Life Battle
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Duck Life Battle Overview


Duck Life Battle - is a new adventure game in which you will get acquainted with Duck Life, which is a very popular game from the online games that you will have to help in the new mission 2019 - 2020. At the beginning of the game you will notice with the highest turtle he is in front of his army, puts his gold crown on his head, after which a hurricane comes and smashes them all. Between the installment and her friends, a dialogue begins:

-Where did they come from?
-You're a duck racer? Around these parts we don't race, we battle
-You look like you could use some training. Head to the dojo and increase your stats before you battle anyone.

in case you want to go to the barn, where the rattlesnakes are trained you will have to put the red flag on the house on the top left, and then meet the new coach who is a white rat, with glasses and a red coat, it will show you all the skills you can improve in the new game. After all these you will be able to customize your character, here you can choose between eye colors, hairstyles, etc.

Defence: having a high defense level means you take less damage when you are hit by other ducks; In the first defense training you will have to use the mouse to move your shield. Deflect all of the dodgeballs and watch the warning signs and try to collect coins.
Health: Training your health level makes you have more hitpoints in your battles. The first Health training will make you use the arrows keys to run and jump over obstacles. Stay on the treadmill and don't get hit by any bombs; try to collect as many coins as you can.
Power: The high you train your power level, the more damage you will deal with the per hit. At this trainings, you have to click or press SPACE and hold to lift the barbell. Let go to lower it again. Deflect the dodgeballs and collect the coins.
Special: if you want to charge your special attack meter faster, do some special training. At this stage, you will have to click on press SPACE to stop the metronome in the green area. Don't let your concentration run out. A perfect hit will reward you a coin.
Speed: doing speed training makes you perform attacks at a faster rate during battles. Now you have to press the correct button to gain time. If you press the wrong one you will lose time. Watch the color of the stick the trainer is holding the know which button to press.
The rate that has the exclamation mark above your head is willing to fight with you, and you will be able to start the battle as soon as you click on it. Each battle you win will make you more experienced, richer and more ready for the new missions you must carry. Before each battle, you will be able to upgrade or modify your weapons and combat mode (protection, power, special attack). The battle between the two rates will take place quite classic, each rate will approach its opponent and with the help of the beak will try to hit the opponent to kill him.

Each shot will take you out of the opponent's life, and in this way, you will be able to win more and more battles with "Duck life", the warrior missile. In case you lose a battle, you will not have to get upset, go with your hero and the training room and try to train yourself more and more until you think you are ready to win the battles between the ratites.

Release Date: 13.08.2018
Platform: unity3D
Available on: Steam, Appstore (iPhone/Ipad), Android


How to play?

use the mouse.

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