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Duck Life 2

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Duck Life 2
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Duck Life 2 Overview


Duck Life 2 is a new kind of racing game that you should not be missing out on! It belongs to a bigger series of games with ducks, where they do all sorts of actions unlike you see real-life animals like them do, where you try to become the best duck out of all the ducks in this universe, something we will now carefully explain how to do, so you can give this game your very best!

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There are four abilities that you have to first train so that you increase your stats and know how to do them, which you then use in the racing modes for each of them. As you win these races, you can upgrade the abilities of the ducks, in addition to overall energy, and you even win coins for your performances.

The four types of competitions are:

  • Running, where you try to run faster than the other ducks
  • Swimming, where you swim up and down to collect coins
  • Flying, where you fly and collect the coins from the sky
  • Climbing, where you jump from one wall to another as you ascend

Use either the mouse or the arrow keys for all these actions, and as you train them, and develop them, we're sure that you will be able to win all the races, and defeat all your duck foes! The faster you start, the sooner that happens!

Also, travel the world with all these ducks in the following locations you can play the game in:

  1. Scotland
  2. England
  3. Egypt
  4. Hawaii
  5. Japan

How to play?

Use the mouse and arrow keys.

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