Dora Cooking in la Cucina

Dora Cooking in la Cucina

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Dora Cooking in la Cucina
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Dora Cooking in la Cucina Overview


Dora Cooking in la Cucina is a lovely game we believe all of you need to have right now on our website since it is first one of our latest Dora Games online, and, secondly, it is a cooking game, and this is always a format received here very well both by girls and boys, and through it you can learn more about traditional Mexican cooking with which our explorer girl has grown up all her life, and is now sharing it with you!

Cooking in la Cucina with Dora is fun, try it out!

Among the recipes available for you to make, we can name:

  • Eggs with Sweet Plantains
  • Cornbread
  • Chicken Tortillas
  • Rice with Pigeon Peas
  • Chili Chicken
  • Chicken Stew
  • Empanadas
  • Cheesy Potato Patties
  • Custard
  • Cookies

After you have selected what you want to make, it is quite simple, as you only need to follow the instructions that Dora gives you, using the tools and ingredients readily available in your kitchen, and in no time at all, you will have the food ready, and the whole family can sit together to enjoy it, and they will be very thankful for your job as a cook.

Don't stop here, as the day has just begun, and more amazing games are going to follow, we promise you!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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