Duck Life Adventure

Duck Life Adventure

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Duck Life Adventure
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Duck Life Adventure Overview

Duck Life Adventure is a new Duck Life game on our website. In this Duck Life game, you watched a TV show about duck adventurers and you have decided to become an adventurer too! You decide to move out because your mother wants you to be a "ducktor".

Once you start your adventure, you'll soon arrive in Battle Town where you can start your adventurer life! Your first battle will take place against the tutor duck. He will teach you the basics of battles. The battles take place 2-on-2, you need to fight another duck. The fights happen automatically but you will need to interact every once and a while. Clicking right before an attack will do a critical hit. You must be careful to avoid draining all of your health or you will be knocked out.

There is a special attack bar that once is filled, the next attack will be special. For it to be activated you need to time your click before the attack, 2 circles will appear and one circle will slowly get smaller until it reaches the other more thick circle. Once the circle is in the area, you need to click to activate the special attack, this attack will deal a lot more damage than a normal attack. The strength of your enemy is determined by the color of the sword on the indicator. Green is easy, yellow is medium, and red is hard.

After finishing the tutorial battle, the other aspects of the game will be introduced. You will be introduced to quests, small missions you need to complete to advance further in the game. The inventory will display your current items, weapons, and your stats. It shows how much health you have left and on what level your physical abilities are. It also shows the amount of money you have got.

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How to play?

Use the mouse.

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