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What are HTML5 Games?

HTML5 games are the new online game format that you will find on all kid's game websites. HTML5 games are apart from the need for children to play on several devices at the same time, respectively on computers (desktops), mobile phones, or even tablets.

The emergence of HTML5 games was announced many years before, starting with 2002, but now in 2024, it is the only technology in which online games are published on specialized sites.

What are the benefits of HTML5 games?

HTML5 games are free?

Here on, this new technology is offered for free; you will be able to play all these games for free, at no cost.

Where to publish html5 games?

If you developed a new HTML5 game, please send us a link with that game and an email with your new game and we will publish it on at no cost for you.

Html5 Games can be hacked?

Yes, unfortunately, all these games can be hack, but remind that this is not legal.

How to monetize html5 games?
You can monetize these games if you upload your game on different platforms like GameDistribution, Gamemonetize, CloudGames


How to play html5 games on android or IOS, Apple?

To play a game on your mobile phone you will have to access this game using your mobile device, and the game's technology will realize that the game is accessed from a state-of-the-art device, at which point the entire game will be molded on that device. to change the orientation of the game from portrait mode to landscape mode.

The only disadvantage we have in this rapid process of moving games to the new format is that many of the current games are not yet transformed with the new technology and will remain inaccessible. The developers are making a huge effort to try to convert all games so that they are available in the format supported by mobile phones or tablets.

On the platform, we will publish only HTML5 (HyperText Markup Language) games that respect the security policies for children. In this sense, the games we will publish will vary from different established categories as well as adventure, shooting, cars, children, or even educational.