Siren Head: Sound of Despair

Siren Head: Sound of Despair

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Siren Head: Sound of Despair
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Siren Head: Sound of Despair Overview

The year is 1999, after the bombings of Belgrade you and your husband went camping near the city, but then something happened, your husband went missing, you must find him! You must find the husband by searching for him around the map. On your way, you find sirens in weird places like on posts and even statues. Eventually, you will find him but he is locked and you need a crowbar to open it.

You will start searching for the crowbar, eventually, you will find this too in a shed, and you will also find a siren there, a pretty odd place for a siren but you go back to your husband to rescue him. By this time, you may have encountered strange animals like weird rats and snakes that hurt you. You reach your husband and he tells you to call the police and the medics with the radio in the garage and to take the gun with you.

This is where the real stuff starts occurring, you encounter weird alien-like entities with siren heads. These aliens are huge, and you need to kill them with your gun. You go to the radio but the batteries are dead, you must find a new one. Once you've found the battery, you also find a shotgun to take with you, after going back to the garage and calling the police, you go back to your husband.

You take your husband and put him in the car, but the car has no gas! You need to find 3 cans of gas to fill up the car. Once you've done that you need to fight the last siren head alien, and you are done. You drive your husband to the hospital praying that it is over but little did you know, it was only the beginning.

This game has a sequel, make sure to check it out!

How to play?

Left-click: shoot; Right-click: aim or block; WASD: move; Left shift: sprint; Left ctrl: crouch; X: prone; SPACE: jump; F: interact; R: reload; H: holster weapon; C: change camera view; V: melee attack; M: map; ESC/TAB: pause.

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