Siren Head SCP-6789: The Hunt Continues

Siren Head SCP-6789: The Hunt Continues

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Siren Head SCP-6789: The Hunt Continues
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Siren Head SCP-6789: The Hunt Continues Overview

Your family escaped the Siren Head SCPs a few months ago, and you thought you were safe. But Siren Head was hunting you and your family and you decided you and your wife will fight it in the mountains. You need to survive 5 days until you kill it. This is a cool new adventure horror game where you must shoot the Siren Head SCPs.

You have to survive 5 days, each day has different objectives you need to complete. On day 1 you must shoot the Siren Head SCP ambush until it cools down. After that, you have to call the military for help and after you find the radio, you realize it has no power. You check the fuses, and you find out that all of the 3 fuses are blown and you must find new ones. Once you've found them around the map, you put them into the fusebox and call the military, successfully surviving day 1.

On day 2 you must find and kill boars to have food to eat. They are scattered around the map so you have to be on the lookout for them. After you successfully killed 3 board, you also need to find 3 gallons of water. Once you've found it you need to kill the loud SCP that emits ear-screeching noises and you've survived day 2.

On day 3 you get the shotgun, before that you only had a gun that could fire single shots or in a burst. You go to your car to get it but you found out that it's broken, you need to find 3 weapon boxes with shotgun parts to fix it. Once you've found them all, the loud SCP comes again and you need to kill it.

Day 4 consists of surviving the initial ambush of the SCPs. After a while, you check on your daughters' but you can't find them! After you find your 2 daughters, you finish the day. On day 5 you need to survive for a few minutes until the military comes to rescue you after you've called them with the radio on day 1.

At last, you've finally destroyed the Siren Head SCPs!

How to play?

Left-click: shoot; Right-click: aim; WASD: move; Left Shift: sprint; Left Ctrl: crouch; X: prone; Space: jump; F: interact; R: reload; G: grenade; H: holster; C: change camera; V: melee attack; M: show map; ESC/TAB: pause.

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