Herobrine and Siren Head

Herobrine and Siren Head

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Herobrine and Siren Head
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Herobrine and Siren Head Overview


Welcome to Herobrine and Siren Head, yet another fascinating action-adventure game to have been added by our team into the Minecraft Games category we know you love so much, which is why new 3d games like this one keep being added to it, and this one is not going to miss the mark just like the others haven't, so allow us to explain what to do and let the fun begin right away!

Join the Minecraft adventure of Herobrine and Siren Head!

Dead zombies have started to walk all around your blocky school, so either with Herobrine or the Girl you have to dispose of them, and each character has their own abilities, so pick one according to what you want to do. They are:

  • Herobrine: the trap deals a damage of 200 to one zombie, the saw deals 25 to all the zombies, and the chewing gum slows down enemies.
  • Girl: her bomb deals damage to any and all monsters, her kitty restores 25 of health every second, and the paper planes drive zombies away and deal 25 damage.

You will then choose between the Normal, Nightmare, and Hell levels of difficulty to begin, and also pick if you want to go around the School map or the Town map. Move using the WASD keys, and attack with the mouse. Buy upgrades from the shop if you've got the coin. Good luck and the best we now wish you all!

How to play?

Use WASD and the mouse.

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