Monster School vs Siren Head

Monster School vs Siren Head

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Monster School vs Siren Head
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Monster School vs Siren Head Overview


Monster School vs Siren Head is here to make our Minecraft Games series even better than it already was, and that is now going to be proven to you all with no doubt in the world since we bring you this school of blocky monsters, such as creepers, zombies, skeletons, and more, who have to take on Siren Head, who comes from the world of internet horror gaming, and only you and them, together, can defeat it!

Help towards winning the Monster School vs Siren Head war!

You use the W key to jump up, S to stop, and if you are playing the game on a mobile device, swipe up and down for the same actions, with your goal in each level reaching its end, while making sure not to fall down thanks to the traps, obstacles, and dangers you encounter along the way.

The difficulties that Siren Head has put forward for you only increase from one stage to another, and you only really lose if you die with all the monsters in the school, who are waiting to go one after another in case you die with one of them.

We're sure you understood quite a lot, and you will now have no problems giving this game your best right now, which we invite you to do, after which we've prepared even more amazing content!

How to play?

Use the W/S keys or the mouse/touch controls.

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