Pixi Steve Alex Herobrine

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Pixi Steve Alex Herobrine
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What is Pixi Steve Alex Herobrine?

Pixi Steve Alex Herobrine

In Pixi Steve Alex Herobrine we invite you to have fun with one of the best new 2-player games from our Minecraft Games category, yet another one with a platform-adventure element, where the characters are small and pixelated, but their world is still big and full of threats, so by working together you will help them overcome it all!

Have fun with Pixi Steve Alex Herobrine online!

Use WASD and the ARROWS to move and jump with the two characters, and make sure to bring both of them to the end of each course to win said levels. Along the way you aim to collect all the coins you can while avoiding Herobrine, since he is an enemy, so don't hit him directly, you will lose.

Instead, you can defeat him if you fall on top of his head. There will also be traps and obstacles from the environment, and you need to avoid those at all costs just as well. We're positive you understood, so you should now be ready to let the fun begin, together, after which we invite you to check out more of our games in two players, they are always amazing!

How to play?

Use WASD and the ARROWS.



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