Steve and Alex

Steve and Alex

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Steve and Alex
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Steve and Alex Overview


Steve and Alex is one of the best new Minecraft Games in 2 Players we're sharing with you here free of charge right now, as we've already had a ton of fun with it as an administrative team, so you can bet that the same will be true for your own time, as they never disappoint, these games!

Join Steve and Alex in a new Minecraft Adventure game online!

To move and jump with the two characters use the WASD keys for one, and the ARROW keys for the other. Alex is stuck, so Steve should first collect all the black pixels that will create a portal for Alex to go through. When the two characters reunite, they will then both have to go through the third portal, the final one and advance to the next level.

Be careful of TNTs, falling into pits or water, and any other dangers along the way, because if even one character dies, the whole level is lost and it needs to be restarted. We wish both of you great co-operation and endless fun, and we hope to see you around even more!

How to play?

Use the WASD keys and the ARROWS.

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