Steve vs Alex Rocketman

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What is Steve vs Alex Rocketman?

Steve vs Alex Rocketman

Steve vs Alex Rocketman is one of the newest Minecraft Games in two players that you can now enjoy on our website, which have become increasingly popular lately, which is why we make sure to bring over each one of them, just like we are doing right now, after which you play, we invite you to check out the others as well!

Let's settle the confrontation of Steve vs Alex Rocketman!

Instead of fighting one another, make sure that both characters manage to use the rockets on their backs to fly to the finish line at the end of each course. Use the Up and the W key to make them fly, releasing when you want them to descend, as there are obstacles on the top and bottom.

Avoid falling into the pits, hitting spikes, or the many pieces of TNT explosives all over the place, or any other kinds of dangers that appear, while you might also want to try collecting as many of the gold bars around as possible to increase your score. Now that everything is settled, let the fun start, and don't let any of the two characters die, you both lose!

How to play?

Use the W key and the Up arrow.

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