Steve and Alex Skibidi Toilet

Steve and Alex Skibidi Toilet

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Steve and Alex Skibidi Toilet
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Steve and Alex Skibidi Toilet Overview


Steve and Alex Skibidi Toilet is a reskin of some of your favorite platform-adventure games in 2 players, where Steve becomes a Camera Head, and Alex becomes a Skibidi Toilet, and with them, you are now going to have some incredible new pixel adventures to enjoy, something we will tell you more about right now, in case you're new to this whole thing!

Start the adventures of Steve and Alex Skibidi Toilet!

Start off by choosing if you wish to play alone, in which case you only become Steve, and in case you want the Two Player mode, the other player becomes Alex, and you will use WASD and the ARROWS to move and jump with them, as they are being chased by the Skibidi Toilet.

During the run, avoid other obstacles, avoid falling into traps, or hitting creatures, traps, and enemies, and don't slow down, since either you get caught by the human toilet, or you get defeated by the environment. Each time you play, try reaching a further distance than before.

Try also to catch as many gems along the course as possible for a big score. Let's begin now, only here, and make sure to tell your friends to come over for all this fun as well, we're positive they would love all the awesome games we've got for them here today!

How to play?

Use the WASD keys and the ARROWS.

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