Skibidi Toilet: Hide and Seek

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What is Skibidi Toilet: Hide and Seek?

Skibidi Toilet: Hide and Seek

Skibidi Toilet: Hide and Seek is a really fun new game that we've now brought over to this category, something we are happy to start the day off with since we know that this is a category that is at the height of its popularity, so new fresh games like these where you also get to do something new for the category are the best!

Let's play Hide and Seek with Skibidi Toilet!

With the WASD keys you move around the rooms with the Camera Head, the character you control, as you search for the three keys that will open up the door that will lead you to the next level, having to avoid getting caught by the Skibidi Toilets moving around, so don't get into their eye-sight, because if it happens, you lose the game of hide and seek.

Each new level will become more difficult than the last, as they should, so finishing all of them will prove you are a master of online hide-and-seek games in 3D, of which we have others too that we hope you then check out when done with this one!

How to play?

Use the WASD keys.

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