Skibidi Escape: Hide and Seek

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Skibidi Escape: Hide and Seek
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What is Skibidi Escape: Hide and Seek?

Skibidi Escape: Hide and Seek

Skibidi Escape: Hide and Seek is a new action and skill game with adventure elements and a hypercasual style that we now offer you up in the most beloved meme games category of our website, where you're about to have a blast of a time, guaranteed, and to make sure of that you will now be able to read up on what you have to do in this article!

Hide and Seek to Escape Skibidi!

The Skibidi Toilet will pop out at random times and extend its vision to catch you, the small Camerman, which is why you need to keep running to find big items that allow you to hide from him. The character runs forward automatically, which is why you have to click or tap and hold on the screen to make it stop.

If you get caught in the monster's eyesight, start again and try to see if you can do better next time. Good luck and the best we wish you! We hope you are not stopping here either, since tomorrow is a new day filled with games on our website, as we've gotten you used to already!

Game Walkthrough

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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