Experiment Room: Sandbox

Experiment Room: Sandbox

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Experiment Room: Sandbox
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Experiment Room: Sandbox Overview


Experiment Room is the newest Sandbox game online from our website, one of the most popular formats of recent times, which we are very delighted to share with you free of charge, where once again we let you use your imagination to create, destroy, build, and wreck all at the same time, with characters, gear, powers, and more options!

Get into the Experiment Room, the new Sandbox game!

Skibidi-inspired characters like TV Cameramen or other stick-like characters that have weird heads will be given to you, and in the sandbox mode, you are given the option of placing them around on a map, using the blocks, clothes, swords, guns, traps, or even obstacles to create your own mini-game.

Of course, you can play them, with the most popular kinds being puzzle shooter games where you have to take aim at the other sticks to take them down, or destroyer games where you take the characters and swing them around, hit them with bats, stab them with knives, or fill them up with bullet holes from guns. Even use explosives if available.

Drag and drop any items you want on the map to modify it. You can freeze things into space also. Experiment with all the items on the menu, create your desired world of action and fun, and keep at it as long as you wish, without forgetting to invite your friends to do the very same!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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