Extreme Offroad Cars

Extreme Offroad Cars

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Extreme Offroad Cars
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Extreme Offroad Cars Overview


Driving Extreme Offroad Cars online is one of the top experiences that boys could have on our website, which is why racing and driving games in 3D like this one get added to our website as often as possible, something we're making sure with this one right now, a cult classic of a game, with amazing graphics, a really easy to understand and utilize gameplay, and a vast new world to explore safely from your computers. Let's teach you how, shall we?

Drive the Extreme Offroad Cars online!

To finish each of the levels, each with a different map to drive on, make sure that you reach the end of the courses, and do so by going from one checkpoint to another until you have crossed the finish line. Drive using the ARROW keys or the WASD keys, and as you finish levels, earn stars, from one to three depending on how you perform and drive, try to unlock all the five offroad trucks in the garage.

How to use the truck's winch:

As you drive out in the wild, you will need to climb up by using the car's winch, otherwise, you get stuck. To do so, attach it with the mouse, and then pull the car up by holding the C key. When you're done, free the cable by pressing the X key, and continue driving.

Upgrade the trucks to drive through the offroad courses!

As you're winning stars, use them to buy upgrades, since you need attachments and new tools added to your trucks to get past places in the wild that are complicated.

EXAMPLE: don't get in water and mud without a snorkel, since that will cause your engine to shut down.

The various upgrades and car accessories you can buy are:

  • tires
  • cages
  • bumpers
  • snorkels
  • winches

This is one of the best offroad truck simulations online you could get inside of, so get behind the wheel, start driving, and have fun like only here you can!

How to play?

Use the ARROWS/WASD keys, C, X, and the mouse.

Tips & Tricks

  • Collect coins on the roads to fund your truck upgrades!
  • Finish each course before the time runs out, and to get 3/3 stars, do it really fast!
  • Balance trucks through ditches, ravines, and hills to stop from turning over.

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