Nyan Cat Lost in Space

Nyan Cat Lost in Space

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Nyan Cat Lost in Space
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Nyan Cat Lost in Space Overview


Nyan Cat Lost in Space is a brand new endless flying game, or runner, whatever it is you want to call it, where this popular internet character has been lost in space, and where is flying with its rainbow power, with your help of course, as you try to reach as far distances as possible since not only humans want to explore, it seems, but cats also!

Nyan Cat is Lost in Space, get lost with it as well!

Simply click on the screen to jump, and if you want to jump higher, click twice. On the course you have several power-ups we invite you to grab and use to your advantage:

  • MilkNyan, a score multiplier that lasts for ten seconds
  • RocketNyan and SuperNyan, which you control with the mouse
  • BubbleNyan for unlimited and higher jumps
  • MagnetNyan, with which you magnetize food
  • CrackNyan to run faster
  • Emerald makes Nyan invulnerable for 45 seconds
  • Rubin gives you extra 2x multipliers at the same time
  • Diamond is used for lifelong milk, which will now expire in 45 seconds

Spaceships, cats, and dogs are all your enemies which you should avoid at any cost, so if you meet them along the way, make sure to avoid them, since your space adventure might end there and then, or maybe a bit later, if you bump into them too many times. Good luck, enjoy!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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