Castle Keeper

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What is Castle Keeper?

Castle Keeper

Can you become the swiftest Castle Keeper? At least, try doing it, as now we offer you one of the best new hypercasual arcade games on our website with elements of tower defense, having stickmen as your avatar and your enemies, and even arrow shooting challenges, so there are plenty of reasons for you to try this game and have a blast with it as only here is possible!

Become the most skilled Castle Keeper that will defend the realm!

With the mouse you are going to hold and move the stickmen archer from the top of the castle towards the enemy stickmen waves that are attacking the walls, having to take them down completely and defeat each wave.

If you let the waves attack the wall too much, and they deplete it of health and it gets destroyed, you will lose and have to start that wave again from scratch.

As you clear levels, use the money you earn to get new abilities and upgrades, such as more HP, a better attack speed, or the power to inflict more damage.

Make sure to always upgrade, because that is the only way to defeat the waves of enemies and protect the castle until the end of the game!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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