Grow Castle Defence

Grow Castle Defence

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Grow Castle Defence
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Grow Castle Defence Overview


Welcome to Grow Castle Defence, a new hypercasual tower defense game online, which is also a war game in 3D with stickmen, having idle clicker elements to it too, so it can only result in one of the best times that you could be having today on our website, as we always guarantee with the new games we bring forward, especially in this genre!

Grow the best Castle Defence!

Your castle is on the left, and in front of it is your army of stickmen. Use the money you have to buy more swordsmen, and archers, and increase the coin ratio, the three main upgrades you can buy. Upgrade these three all the time, which will transform your stickmen into better soldiers, as the waves of attackers come from the right side.

You have to always grow stronger because if you let your foes tear through the defensive army, and destroy the castle, you lose. They will bring more troops that are also stronger. If you see surprise drops, chests, and upgrades, take them and use them to your advantage. Each upgrade gets more expensive each time you buy it.

You can also use money to upgrade the castle itself, but that will require the most funds. One awesome boost you can use is the meteorite, which strikes from the heavens on your enemies. We wish you good luck, good improvement, as well as patience to survive this war of attrition!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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