Base Defence 3D

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What is Base Defence 3D?

Base Defence 3D

Base Defence 3D is a hypercasual defense and shooting game in 3D with stickmen, which is in equal terms a strategy game and an action game all at the same time, one that we highly recommend to you all, as we know from our own time spent on playing it just how much fun you can have right now if you are willing to give it a chance!

Play Base Defence 3D online for a fun action-packed time!

Move the stickman shooter using the mouse or touch controls, shooting at the red stickmen when near them, but make sure not to let them hit you too many times, since your health bar depleting means losing.

Take the cash they leave behind after you defeat these targets and bring them back to your base, where you get to buy new weapons and upgrades, but also improve it.

Do it in order to make the base better and stronger, and defeat all the waves of red stickmen that will attack you, with each new level having a bigger threat than before.

Good luck, enjoy, and don't stop here, since we've got more great games in store, as the day is far from being over!

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