Base Jump Wingsuit Flying

Base Jump Wingsuit Flying

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Base Jump Wingsuit Flying
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Base Jump Wingsuit Flying Overview


Base Jump Wingsuit Flying is a simulator game online in 3D with hypercasual elements, cool graphics, and easy gameplay, which belongs to a series of stunt games online that have become really popular as of late since they allow the users to take part in some risky business with no real danger to their real lives, as it is all virtual.

Who knows, maybe one day you will try doing base jumps IRL, but until then, try to feel the breeze virtually, with a crazy game as you rarely see, which we've already tested ourselves, so let's give you some insight into it!

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To dive off from the tallest skyscraper in this game, simply hit the play button with your mouse or touch controls, and then drag the mouse or finger to move the jumpsuit left and right, using its wing-like design to balance yourself in the air and try to reach a big distance forward, not hit the floors head-on like in the first part of the preview video of this game

On the surface, there will be a big red and white target that you should try hitting, and if you can go even further than it, checkpoint after checkpoint, even better, as you should always work very hard to beat your previous high-scores, and each new one is measured up.

The more distance you fly with the wingsuit, the more coins you earn, which for the next flight, should be used in buying upgrades for your gear:

  • Speed, to get further ahead faster
  • Lifting Force, for better handling of the suit
  • Bonus, to earn more coins for each dive.

After hitting the target distance from the skyscraper location, surprise, you get the chance to explore a new one, which is a sky resort, meaning that you will be jumping from a tall mountain down the snowy slope, past all the skiers and snowboarders, as you're even riskier than them, flying!

Beat each location, earn lots of coins, even extra ones that you can't spend on upgrades, and try to see if you can also buy the ten skins that the game offers in the shop. Let's start wingsuit flying online right now, an experience like no other, and stay safe from heights in real life!

Game Walkthrough

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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Boombit S.A.

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