Destroy Base

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What is Destroy Base?

Destroy Base

Destroy Base is yet another destruction game online in 3D, this one using a vector-like world with tons of blocks and geometrical shapes that give form to the bases and items that you are required to tear down, something we will now teach you how to do so that you can give this game your best from the very start!

Let's Destroy the Base with all our firepower!

In each level, you survey the enemy base from up top, as you are in a helicopter, and you are going to click where you want to shoot it, having the goal to destroy all the red stickmen, who are enemy soldiers, and you can either take aim at them directly, but if they are hidden inside, maybe tear down the building on top of them.

Of course, enemies will shoot back at you also, so make sure to take them down in that case, because if they kill you first, you have to restart the level. You get stronger bases and more soldiers to shoot down further in the levels, so improve your focus as well, skills too, and defeat all the foes you encounter. Enjoy!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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