Galactic Shooter Destroy Civilization

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Galactic Shooter Destroy Civilization
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What is Galactic Shooter Destroy Civilization?

Galactic Shooter Destroy Civilization

Galactic Shooter Destroy Civilization is going to be a straight-up shooting game 3D with lots of fun that are structured into multiple levels, each of them featuring multiple waves of different civilizations that you have to destroy using your gun, as this is a sci-fi epic game where all the camps are battling each other for survival, and you want to be the last one standing, no?

Be a Galactic Shooter and Destroy Civilization!

Use WASD to move, space to jump, shift to run, the mouse to aim and shoot your gun, and use the R key to reload when you run out of ammo. In each level you find yourself in a room full of robots that are your enemies, so make sure to shoot them down before they do that to you, since they want to kill you as well.

Between levels, if you clear them, you earn money, and you can use it to buy all sorts of new weapons to use, as well as gear to help you survive more. Search weapons, upgrades, and health packs on the maps too, so that you can use them quickly against your foes.

Now that we're sure you understood everything, make sure to give it a go, and maybe share the game with as many of your friends as possible!

How to play?

Use WASD, space, shift, the mouse, and the R key.

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