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Red - Blue Leader

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Red - Blue Leader
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Red - Blue Leader Overview


Become a Red-Blue Leader in a new fps game 3D online! War games are fun, even more so if you're the general. Take the leadership of team red or team blue, and lead them to victory! You need good strategies, good motions, and bravery on the battlefield! Don't worry, we've got you covered, we can tell you what to do and how!

The Red Leader, the Blue Leader, who wins?

You will be thrown into battle as infantry in one of the two teams. Control your ragdoll avatar and work with your team of AI-controlled soldiers. After being deployed on the battlefield, try reaching the enemy base. There you need to shoot up the enemies and survive yourselves. If you get shot instead, you need to restart!

As you kill soldiers, you get to earn points. Earn even more by capturing the enemy flags. Conquer all of their territory by stealing their flags.

So above, so below!

When you are playing as a foot soldier, use WASD to move, shift to sprint, space to jump, and the mouse to aim and shoot. Use Q-E to lean, and F to enter or exit vehicles. Speaking of!

Take up command of tanks, helicopters, and airplanes, if possible. Having these vehicles on your side leads to victory faster. You can even become a helicopter pilot like this: WS for throttle, AD for the rudder, and the mouse to pitch and turn.

Take up arms!

In addition to the gun, use number keys to throw grenades, use the side pistol, or the bazooka! Go from one part of the enemy base to another as you conquer their flag, and when done with one map, advance to the next one, where a new red and blue war waits. Win it too!

How to play?

Tips & Tricks

  • Use tanks, helicopters, airplanes, and boats to your advantage!
  • Attack on the ground, attack from the air, attack from the water!
  • Expand and divide your team to stretch further on the map!

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