Haunt The House

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Haunt The House
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What is Haunt The House?

Haunt The House

Haunt the House is a unique and fun flash game starring a cute little ghost who resides in a luxurious mansion. When a group of snooty high-society partygoers decides to throw a soiree in his house, the ghost is less than thrilled about this invasion. 

Scare Your Way To Victory

To help restore order and peace back to his home, he must possess various objects around the house and make them do supernatural things in order to scare away all 30 of the guests. As he scares each one out of the house, they start to become increasingly desperate, and some may even end up jumping out of windows if scared too much - something everyone wants to avoid! The aim of the game is to get rid of all 30 people as quickly as possible while minimizing any casualties along the way. With a combination of puzzle-solving, strategy, and creative thinking, players can have hours of fun exploring different ways to scare away the partygoers!

Haunt The House Controls

The WASD keys are used to control your character's movement in the Haunt the House flash game. By pressing and holding the W key, your character will move up; while pressing and holding S will make your character move down. To move left or right, press and hold A or D.

In order to interact with items in the game, you will need to press the spacebar. This can be used to open doors that lead to other rooms, pick up objects such as furniture pieces, and unlock secret passageways. You can also use the spacebar to scare people that are found on each level. 

Tips For Playing Haunt The House

1. Utilize the space bar to possess objects and scare away guests. Possess items like mirrors, dolls, paintings, and even the chandelier to create a spooky atmosphere. 

2. Use the arrow keys to quickly fly around and surprise visitors with your ghostly presence.

3. Experiment with different objects. Objects will react differently when possessed, so be creative!

4. Keep an eye on how scared guests are getting - if they get too scared, then you have been successful! 

Make sure you know where all the important objects are so you can quickly possess them when needed.

Game Walkthrough

How to play?

Use the arrows and space.


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