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Haunt The House

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Haunt The House
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Haunt The House Overview


Do you like ghosts? In the game Haunt The House: Terrortown, you will have to make friends with them because you will have to be one of these ghosts, but a cute ghost, a small and brave ghost who will have to haunt the people of a castle built on many levels. The external appearance of the ghost is quite cute: the ghost is yellowish-white in color, has a blue collar around its neck, and has rosy cheeks.

What is the mission of the game Haunt The House?

As you can see, you are a ghost, and you will have to approach the objects in the house you entered. When you are close enough to them, you can possess them. When you have possessed an object, you can control it entirely, move it, and make it blink (even if we are talking about an animal that died). The main objective will be to scare the people around you while you possess these items. Every man you manage to scare will help you with the score you can get in the game.

What can you do with the points in the game?

A high score in the game will help you get even more superpowers, which you can use when you spot in front of you characters or creatures that cannot be scared because in the game, you will also meet characters that are not scared by you, and in this way, you can eliminate them.

A funny aspect of the game is the fact that among the people you scare, you will also meet people who are so scared of you that they prefer to commit suicide, more precisely, jump out of the window and take their own life, for these crimes, you will be rewarded and more.

When you manage to scare all the people in the castle, you will see a painting with the ghost's family that you control - it is about the ghost's parents who seem to be very proud of the child or that they managed to scare so many people. After this painting, you will be able to move on to a new building you will have to own, and finally, after you manage to scare all the people in all the buildings, you can go to the next city.

How to play?

Use the arrows and space.

Tips & Tricks

- The first time, try to possess the objects around you, then move on to the next room to ensure you don't miss any unafraid person.

- Use superpowers only when a person is not afraid of anything, and try to leave your superpowers only for exceptional cases

- Keep an eye on the scared people indicator. As you can see at the beginning, you have 30/30 people to scare.

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