Mr Meat House Of Flesh

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Mr Meat House Of Flesh
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What is Mr Meat House Of Flesh?

Mr Meat House Of Flesh

There is never a shortage of new horror survival games online 3d to be added on our website, especially during Halloween month, which is why we are very excited that right at this moment we get to share with each and every one of you a brand new action-adventure game in this genre known as Mr. Meat House Of Flesh!

Survive the undead butcher and his horror!

Mr. Meat was the nickname of your neighbor, who was a butcher, but now that becomes more sinister, as he has become a zombie and is running around his house and the neighborhood in search of meat to eat, human meat, not to slaughter animal one, and you will be his target if you find him.

Roam around the house of flesh and horrors, dealing with all the zombies, demons, and monsters you encounter, because if you don't kill them first, they might kill you instead. You also have a woman to save, as he is being kept in his house. Look for weapons and items that you can use to aid you in living and killing enemies.

Move using W, A, S, D, use items with F, drop them with G, use C to crouch. Good luck, we wish you the best, and definitely invite you to stick around for more awesome games of the day, only here!

How to play?

Use the W, A, S, D keys, F, G, C, keys.

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