Slendrina Must Die The House

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What is Slendrina Must Die The House?

Slendrina Must Die The House

Did you know that there is a female version of Slenderman? Well, there is, and she is called Slenderina, the newest horror creature that you have to face off against, because right now if you play our new horror survival game called Slendrina Must Die The House, you will enter the house where it is said that this monster lives, and try to survive it, and maybe even defeat it!

Can you survive the horrors of Slenderina?

As you probably realized already, if you are a big fan of horror games online 3d and play it a lot, you will enter the house where Slenderina resides, and try to avoid her for as long as possible, because if she catches you, she will eat and kill you. Instead, banish her to the netherworld by collecting all the pages of the diary.

Look for the diary pages through all the house, and use weapons at your disposal or those that you find along the way to deal with Slenderina, if she appears, or any other monsters that you might encounter. Move using the W, A, S, D keys, jump with space, use shift to run, and use the mouse key to aim, shoot, attack, or interact.

Good luck to you all in this upcoming gruesome adventure, and we hope to see more of you, since fun never stops on our website!

How to play?

Use the W, A, S, D keys, space key, shift key, mouse.

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