Slendrina X The Dark Hospital

Slendrina X The Dark Hospital

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Slendrina X The Dark Hospital
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Slendrina X The Dark Hospital Overview


Slenderina returns to The Dark Hospital, and you can imagine that if this character is already quite scary on her own, she is ten times scarier when she roams around an abandoned hospital where you can't see a lot and is definitely haunted by the many souls that died there! Are you ready to face her and survive the horrors of this place?

Defeat Slenderina to escape The Dark Hospital alive!

The game's story takes place through five days and nights, and in each of them, you will have more horrors to face than the previous one, as the place gets scarier and more difficult to face. In addition to Slenderina who is always walking around searching for you, there can also be other monsters, traps, and dangers you must avoid!

Try to move as quietly as possible, hide if necessary, and don't hesitate to take advantage of various items and weapons you might find along the way which will help with your survival! Use WASD keys to move, F to interact and use items, but also hide, G to drop items, T to unhide, C to crouch, press Esc to pause.

We wish you good luck, since, in a horror situation, you definitely need it, and stick around to see what other great and scary games we've got to offer you, as per usual!

How to play?

Use the W, A, S, D keys, Esc key, but also F, G, T, C keys.

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