Dr. Psycho - Hospital Escape

Dr. Psycho - Hospital Escape

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Dr. Psycho - Hospital Escape
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Dr. Psycho - Hospital Escape Overview


Dr. Psycho - Hospital Escape is yet another brilliant horror survival game in 3D we highly recommend to all the boys and girls here who consider themselves courageous and brave, something we are absolutely positive you are, because if not, you would not be reading this right now, and be willing to start the game!

Escape from Dr. Psycho's Hospital!

This evil doctor has you trapped in this hospital that is haunted by the many experimental creatures that he designed, monsters of various shapes and forms, but what you need to know about them is that all of them are extremely dangerous, wanting to kill or eat you, maybe both, in whatever order.

Move through the hospital swiftly, as you try to find the necessary items to open the doors and allow for your escape, without being caught by these creatures. Either run away from them as far as possible or hide, as long as you don't get caught!

Move with WASD, use E for action, C to sit down, G to throw an item, and shift to run and hide in safe places. Discover all these mutants and face them bravely, and make sure that you don't stop here, since you might not have caught all the other great games we've been sharing here with you today so far!

How to play?

Use the WASD keys, E, C, G, and shift keys as well.


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