Hospital: Survive The Night

23.12.2022 2.853 30 votes

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What is Hospital: Survive The Night?

Hospital: Survive The Night

Hospital: Survive The Night is one of the newest takes on FNAF Games online that our administrative team is immensely happy and excited to share with you all for free on our website since we know first-hand just how awesome it can be, because it brings about a whole new location for you to play in, as well as new enemies, but with the same mechanics you've grown to love!

Can you survive the night in the hospital?

Through five nights in total, you need to prevent the patients of the clinic to enter your security room. Use the cameras to monitor them, but also to interact with objects in the rooms. You can also walk around the building, venturing out there to find its various hidden secrets.

Move with WASD, run with shift, right click for flashlight, left click for action, and ESC to pause. It is as simple as you can see right now, and we're positive you won't get scared and manage to survive all the nights and have the best time possible, after which we invite you to discover more games in the category if this is your first one from it!



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How to play?

Use WASD, shift, and the mouse.