Backrooms Escape 1

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Backrooms Escape 1
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What is Backrooms Escape 1?

Backrooms Escape 1

Horror games such as Backrooms Escape 1, a new scary 3d game where you visit this internet meme location that kids and adults alike cannot seem to get tired of, are always a great time to be had, and if you're newcomers to this genre, you have selected quite a good game to start things off with!

Play Backrooms Escape 1 and face the horror!

Move through the backrooms using the WASD keys, shift to run, and the mouse to interact, with your goal being to find seven planks which you have to take to the attic, where you have to use them in building a stair that gets you into it, which is how you escape.

Of course, monsters lurk about this haunted place, and if they catch you, you die and have to start again from scratch. Either run or hide from them, but don't get stuck into one of the rooms, you will get obliterated. It's like that, so now that you know, feel free to begin, and also to tell your friends about these games as well!

Game Walkthrough

How to play?

Use the WASD keys, shift key, the mouse.

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