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Backrooms Overview


Backrooms is an indie online horror game inspired by the 4Chan post with the same name, which is a place where many Creepypasta games and the myths that inspired them have originated from, of course, since it is quite a dark place on the internet, which can be funny at the same time, though. Let's try our hands at this new survival game, shall we?

Explore the creepy Backrooms and survive!

The controls are quite simple, with you using the WASD keys for movement, shift to run, and the mouse to look around, with the view being in first-person, as many great scary games are. After clicking 'Wake Up' which is the start button, choose one of the three modes:

  • Classic Mode (play it in the Easy, Medium, Hard, or Backrooms mode, with the last one being the most difficult)
  • Deaf Mode (you don't hear a thing)
  • Free Mode (a laidback exploration mode that tones down much of the frightening elements)

Explore the never-ending hell of seemingly-empty rooms with intense lighting, as your sight is blurry and your movements slowed down, and try surviving until the timer reaches 0 seconds, without ending up slipping into the alternate reality of the BACKROOMS, where you will get stuck forever if that happens.

Get ready to have your sense heightened, and fear put into you, but face these fears and come up on top, winning and having fun with this 3D game!

How to play?

Use WASD, shift, the mouse.

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