Backrooms Survive

Backrooms Survive

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Backrooms Survive
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Backrooms Survive Overview


Backrooms Survive is yet another one of the best new horror games online 3D on our website, with one based around the original Backrooms Game, meaning that if you play this one there will be even more rooms to explore, as dark and scary as they are, and even more, horrific monsters for you to face, run from, and generally survived, as you cannot allow yourself to get killed by them, you will be there stuck forever in body and soul!

Survive the online Backrooms once more!

For each monster that you need to face in this creepy location there is a number of minutes you have to hold on without getting caught, so watch as the timer slowly counts down and keep on running, fighting, or hiding.

Use the WASD keys to move, shift to run, E to interact,  F to use the flashlight, and the left mouse button to use your synergy power when it can be and when you can use it.

There is a shadowy figure that is actually your friend and will give you instructions on what to do next if you complete the stages, so follow them and see how far you can reach, maybe you will finally escape the nightmare and get back to an easy life!

How to play?

Use WASD, shift, E, F, and the mouse.

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