Backrooms: Find the Keys

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What is Backrooms: Find the Keys?

Backrooms: Find the Keys

Seeing how much you love playing Backrooms Games online for free, one of the most popular horror games 3d series of the moment, we could not stand the thought of not sharing with you the latest entry in the series, 'Find the Keys', where your ultimate goal is simply presented right in the title, and we're sure that you will have a blast trying to achieve it!

Find the Keys in the Backrooms!

In this new part of the scary Backrooms your survival is ensured by finding the keys, five to start with, and then finding the door and opening it to get outside into the light and its safety. Of course, make sure not to get caught by the monsters lurking around, so when they're near, run from them or hide, as long as you can survive!

Use WASD to run, shift to sprint, E to interact with items around you, and use the flashlight by pressing F. It's quite simple, as you can see, so now that the mechanics have been placed inside your head, you should be able to give the game your very best and have total amounts of fun right now!

How to play?

Use the WASD keys, shift key, F, and E keys.

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