Backrooms: SCP 173

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What is Backrooms: SCP 173?

Backrooms: SCP 173

Backrooms: SCP 173 is yet another amazing indie horror video game in 3D on our website, one that belongs to the many fan-made Backrooms Games online that we have had here over the past year, as the original version became an instant hit, and this also has a creepypasta monster in it, bringing even more reasons for you to play it right now!

Avoid SCP 173 in the Backrooms!

SCP 173 is the monster that is currently haunting these scary offices, and you need to move about in such a way that you always keep the light on, and you don't have too many dead angles around you, because if the monster creeps up behind you and you see him, it is too late and you die.

Use WASD to move, use space to open your eyes, use E to pick up items, such as batteries for the flashlight, and, speaking of it, activate it with the F key. Try to see how long you can survive each time you are playing, and try to make your survival time bigger each time, as you can't endlessly avoid the horrific monster!

How to play?

Use the WASD keys, mouse, F, E and space keys.



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