Scp-087 Road To Hell

Scp-087 Road To Hell

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Scp-087 Road To Hell
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Scp-087 Road To Hell Overview


Scp-087 Road To Hell is yet another addition to a popular series of horror games in 3d we have here, where the monsters you face are given these names with letters and numbers in them, so what you see in the title is the code of the monster you have to deal with, as you travel the road down to hell, and try to survive it to come back to life!

Face SCP-087 on the horrific Road To Hell!

You will use the WASD keys to move around, space to jump, shift to run, and with the mouse you look around, as you walk through a dark place, a laboratory where evil experiments have been done, using a lighter to guide yourself through the horrors.

Find clues that will help you deal with the monster if it comes to that, but until you have everything you need, do not bother with that, but instead, make sure you hide and avoid demons, monsters, and various traps and dangers.

The whole horror experience will be recorded, and know that you have a limited battery for both the camera and the lighter, so don't run out of light, because you might get killed more easily in the dark!

Let's start all the fun right now, only here, after which we invite you to check out even more of our daily content, you are in for a blast, as always!

How to play?

Use the WASD keys, mouse.

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