Baby in Yellow: Tower of Hell

Baby in Yellow: Tower of Hell

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Baby in Yellow: Tower of Hell
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Baby in Yellow: Tower of Hell Overview


Baby in Yellow: Tower of Hell is a game that has managed to combine horror characters with the world of Roblox Games, and the format of only up parkour games in 3D, resulting in the best new game for you to top off the day, and a great way to test your bravery as well as your skills right before going to bed! Let's explain, in case you've not played Tower of hell games online before!

Climb the Tower of Hell with Baby in Yellow!

Use WASD to move, and space to jump, as you go along the tower, which has various checkpoints, marked by the huge coins at their spot which you have to collect, to get a big score as well.

There will be platforms to walk carefully on, moving ones that rotate or go up and down, moving pieces, and tons of obstacles, traps, all set in a world in the sky.

That means you have to make sure you're not falling to the ground, in which case you lose and have to restart. Try collecting all the coins, and reaching all the 11 checkpoints to survive and win! Take however many tries it takes you!

How to play?

Use the WASD keys, space, and mouse.

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