Banana Cat: Tower of Hell

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What is Banana Cat: Tower of Hell?

Banana Cat: Tower of Hell

Banana Cat: Tower of Hell is a meme game both for its character, and its format, both of which are trending right now very much, a 3D simulator experience where you try climbing a difficult path, but one that is really rewarding, and with this cat and banana character, it is also going to be quite fun all at the same time!

Climb the Tower of Hell with Banana Cat!

Use WASD to move, space to jump, and move the camera around with the mouse. Jump from one tile to another without falling into the sky, down it, while you try climbing as further as possible to get lots of points, and reach the cat checkpoints with the symbols on the ground to save and restart from there in case you fall.

How high can you reach? Can you get to the top of this hellish tower? We invite you to attempt it, and see for yourselves how much fun you can have, after which even more amazing games are surely going to be followed-up with, as we always do!

How to play?

Use WASD, space, and the mouse.

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