Hiding Banana Cat

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What is Hiding Banana Cat?

Hiding Banana Cat

Hiding Banana Cat is yet another simple, silly, and fun new meme game online featuring this character that is trending in popularity, so we expect even more great games with it, which we will always bring forward first, as you can see right now, and after you learn how to play the game here, we're sure you will be able to give it your best!

Let's find the Hiding Banana Cat online!

The cat will be going behind the glass tiles to hide from you, and you need to prevent it from doing that by clicking on the tiles to move them around, doing it in such a way that the cat is not inside them, and the more time it is out, revealed, the more points you get.

Before the time runs out, try to catch the cat as many times as possible. We're sure you've understood everything, so feel free to begin right now, only here, after which our team will present you with more great games all day long, all of which we hope you catch, just like you do with the cat!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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