Banana Cat vs Jason

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What is Banana Cat vs Jason?

Banana Cat vs Jason

Banana Cat vs. Jason is a new meme game online with an added element of horror, as Jason from Friday the 13th is going to be the opposing force to this cat, something we have a feeling you will enjoy very much, just like we did, as the game is both exciting and funny, and we will now explain it to you, so you can begin right away!

Who will win in the Banana Cat vs Jason battle?

Banana Cat needs your help to advance on the course and reach the cake at the end of it, to do so you hold the mouse button down to make it advance, but make sure to stop when you get in front of Jason, Granny, Slenderman, The Nun, or other kinds of scary characters.

If the Banana Cat hits into them, you lose the level, but if you get past all of them and hit the cake, you win the level, and advance to the next one, which gets more difficult, but more fun too, and you can use the coins you've earned to buy new skins for the character. Enjoy!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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