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What are Fruit Games?

Our world of Fruit Games online is a big and vast one, which is why users of our website might not know where to start when they want to play such games, which is precisely why we now have a category dedicated just for these games, where not only we’ve brought original games just for it, but games with fruits from other categories have also been gathered here, so if you want to have some online fun with fruits, you’ve got plenty of chances to do it here!

Fruits come from nature, and they are one of the main staples of nutrition and healthy eating, together with vegetables, because most of them are really healthy and beneficial to humans who eat them. Bananas have lots of potassium, strawberries detox your body very well, cherries have lots of fiber, there’s no better source for Vitamin C than oranges, and, of course, an apple a day keeps the doctor away!

Well, the fruits you see here are not for eating, because they are virtual, but they are here for you to play with them, no matter what that means since this category is more diverse than you would think, which is why we are going to tell you more about the awesome content we’ve brought you here for free!

What kinds of fruits games online can you play here?

Without a doubt, probably the genre you will encounter here the most will be bejeweled games with fruits, basically matching games where instead of jewels or bubbles you have to create groups and lines of identical fruits, eliminating them from the screen and getting points in return, a true and tried format made even better by the inclusion of delicious fruits!

There are skill games with fruits as well, and one of the most recognizable names in the world falls into this category, with us talking about Fruit Ninja, one of the best mouse skills with fruits! In these games, fruits are thrown on the screen, and you use the mouse to swipe through them and cut them up to get points, without cutting the bombs, or you lose.

The fruit you buy at the supermarkets usually come from a farm or an orchard, sometimes from greenhouses, and if you are curious about the process of planting, growing, and harvesting fruit, you need to play any of our fruit farming games online, where you go through the whole experience and become a fruit farmer yourself, at least virtually.

You can play puzzle games with fruit, such as mahjong games with fruits, where there are fruits on the tiles you need to match, fruit shooting games similar to Zuma, coloring games with fruits, where you make the Orange orange, the apple red, green, or yellow, or you can mix it up and make a banana be purple, go crazy with your imagination!

Even if you randomly pick a game with fruits to play here, you’re guaranteed lots of fun, so start exploring this category right now, and then keep having fun with even more of our amazing games!