Fruit Chef

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Fruit Chef
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What is Fruit Chef?

Fruit Chef

Fruit Chef is, as you would probably expect, one of the newest takes on Fruit Ninja Games, one iconic game that has marked the dawn of mobile gaming, with it having been made available on most phones out there almost ten years ago, and everyone was playing it. Guess what, people still do, as they're really fun skill games, and this one is a new version with updated graphics, and one that you can play on all devices: PCs, phones, tablets.

Show us your cutting skills as a Fruit Chef online!

As fruits get thrown onto the screen, use the mouse on a PC and the finger on a mobile device to swipe on them to have them cut, and as you cut them you gain points in return, so aim to slash down as many fruits as possible to get a big score.

If you fail to cut too many fruits, well, five, actually, you lose your five lives and you lose the game. Bombs also appear, so avoid cutting them, because if you cut down three bombs, you also lose in that instance.

Now that the rules are set and understood, nothing should hold you back from having tons of fun right now, and then maybe tell your friends about our amazing content coming day by day, always keeping you entertained!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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