Food Educational Games for Kids

Food Educational Games for Kids

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Food Educational Games for Kids
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Food Educational Games for Kids Overview

Dear children,
We have a new super nice game for you. It is a good opportunity to learn the fruits and vegetables that are present in our lives. They are also super healthy. Meet them and all this time you will have fun together. Let's play.

The game offers you 5 levels in which you will have different tasks to do, during which you will be able to learn vegetables in case you do not already know them. In the first game, you will have to collect fruits and vegetables according to customer requests. gather as many fruits or vegetables as possible so that the customer is satisfied. In the second level, you will have to find the crazy vegetables because they will hide, and you will have to complete a series of five vegetables each. They are hidden and will only give you a hint to be found.

In the third level, you will learn how to make cookie dough for the customers you will have. Roll out the dough and cut it into the shapes you will have. Bake the biscuits and wait until they are ready. Color the biscuits with the icing requested by the three customers you are waiting for. Level four will teach you how to weigh correctly. You will have a series of customers who will want to weigh their vegetables in relation to the weights on the left side of the plate. Find the right amount of vegetables. If the vegetables you select are correct, they will go to the shopping cart. If not, they will go back to the shelf. The final part of the game, level five of the game will challenge you to dress the vegetables so that they are as fashionable as possible because they have to parade in front of customers every day.

We hope you make friends with vegetables and we want you to have fun when you play. It is suitable for an evening with your family. Enjoy it.

How to play?

Mouse or tap to play

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