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Online Games for Kids - Learning

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Online Games for Kids - Learning
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Online Games for Kids - Learning Overview

We have prepared a new educational game for you, children. The easiest way to learn is when you play. Let's discover our game and you will learn a lot of useful things so that you will become better even at school.

The educational game has 6 different game modules in which you will learn from each. So, let's start learning in a fun way.
In the first Read mode, it will teach you to read in a relaxing way. You have three options through which you can learn: Letter, Phonics, Animal. In the letter option - you will learn to read each word separately. In the Phonics option, you will learn to read in groups of letters, with the help of illustrations specific to the words you learn. And the last option, Animals, you will learn the letters you read with the help of some animals.

In Learn to write mode, you will have the opportunity to learn or improve your knowledge in the art of writing. And here, you have 2 options to learn. The first option is to learn to write the letters on a predefined template, using the instructions. The second option you can learn to write the letters with the help of coloring. You will have to color the necessary letters, and in this way, you will be able to learn to write the letters more easily in a more fun way.

The Pattern module will teach you to put the letters of the alphabet in the correct order so that at the end you will get, by joining them, different objects such as a ship or cute animals. If you do not want to learn the alphabet in this way, there is a classic way, where you are given a series of letters, and you, like a puzzle, have to put the missing letter, so that in the end it is in the correct order.

The Find Image module is a very easy module. Match the correct image according to the letter that appears in the table. This way you can learn to associate certain objects with the necessary letter. The puzzle module will teach you the letters of the alphabet, building them piece by piece. In the last module, Quiz, you will have to correctly order the letters presented, so that the word obtained represents the image given by the game.

How to play?

use the mouse

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