Kids Hangman

Kids Hangman

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Kids Hangman
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Kids Hangman Overview

The famous childhood game is now online on in a new format, Kids Hangman, in which you will be able to teach your child to guess the different words in Hangman in order to learn new words or even develop your skills in -an educational and interactive game for all children.

The Kids Hangman game is specially designed for kids, and this makes it an educational application in which children can learn about Names (the different names that kindergarten children have), animals (here we can talk about giraffes, lions, weasels, squirrels, horse, cow, ox, elephant, bear, crocodile, monkey, turtle, zebra) or even different vehicles (helicopter, bus, plane, glider, car, train or even van). You will find all these objects in the new children's game in which you will have to guess the objects presented in a short time so that you can also benefit from the time bonus.

The design of the game is one inspired by the school, which is why the hangman is drawn on the board in front of the class, and on the left, you will have the chair where the teachers sit. The letters you need to use to guess objects are at the bottom of the game. At each wrong attempt, the game will draw a part of your body on the board. At the first mistake you will see the round head, then the body, then the left hand, the right hand, and finally the two legs. Once you draw both legs you have nothing to do, you will have to restart the game.

A very good thing is that after you die, the game will tell you what word you had to guess so that you always learn something.

How to play?

use the mouse.

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