Nat Geo Kids Mazes

Nat Geo Kids Mazes

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Nat Geo Kids Mazes
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Nat Geo Kids Mazes Overview


Explore Mazes with the best Nat Geo Kids themes of this year, with this amazing channel is dedicated to animals, history, geography, and other educational aspects, and so do games based around it, with us inviting you right now to explore mazes based around all these things and more!

Explore the Mazes from Nat Geo Kids!

You will have a total of twenty levels to clear, each with a maze more difficult than the one before it, and depending on how fast you are in exiting out of them you get one, two, or three stars, so you should always aim for 3/3.

Use the mouse to move the dolphins or other animals through the maze, collect the other animals to gain a score, and try finding at least one of the three stars to have the level completed.

After all, that, find the exit where your other animal friends await you. We wish you the best, and we hope that you stick around, since more amazing games are following, you would not want to miss them!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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