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What are Disney Channel Games?

Disney Channel Games is our favorite games category where you can find a lot of games inspired by cartoons in especially with Ben 10, Scooby-Doo, Miraculous Ladybug, Mickey Mouse, and his friends, Violetta, Sofia the First, and a lot of other characters from Disney. First I would like to inform you that The Walt Disney Company was created on 16 December 1923 by Walt Disney and her brothers Roy like a cartoon studio where both of them tried to create some special cartoons for kids, girls, and boys to anime the children from that time. Here on Friv-Games.com we will try to give you the newest games from Disney Channel and at the same time the most popular games from Disney every day.

All that you have to do is to try our last Disney Games every day, then tell us how are these games for you, what was your experience playing these games in a comment after each game you've played from the Disney Channel Games category. Don't forget to vote for each game from this category, is very important for us to know your opinion about these games to know much better what games we can add to this game category. Another important thing for this category is that all these games are created by Disney Company, and the licenses are just theirs, but you can play for free these games from Disney any time you want.